Djevojku zaustavila policija, ona imitirala oralno zadovoljavanje na alkotestu

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ARGENTINA — Video of an intoxicated woman who hit a small square at the intersection of Libertad and 27 de Abril streets in Santiago del Estero on July 22, 2020 The woman at first refused to give officers who approached her any ID or vehicle information. She told officers: “I have a meeting, you are wasting my time. I'm leaving, stay with the car. I'm not going to wait for anything, this car sucks an egg for me," was one of the insults. She also in addition to declaring that she was a lawyer, threatened an officer by telling her that she was the niece of Governor Zamora and that for this reason she was going to be unemployed. "You have no idea what it's like to be out of a job? You have no conscience?” When Road Safety arrived, the woman starred in another incident by initially refusing the breathalyzer test. Finally, she did so reluctantly.

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Policajci su djevojku zaustavili zbog neprilagođene vožnje. Prvo im nije htjela dati dokumente, prijetila im je i lagala. Argentinka je na kraju uhićena.

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